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Andrea Venturoli wrote:
> Hello.
> A server I manage is locking too frequently.
> The behaviour is very strange: almost nothing works, no daemon is
> running, keyboard is ignored, but still the machine will answer pings.
> The real problem is that I'm not able to diagnose this, since no message
> is displayed on the console or recorded in the logs and no crash is
> produced. I compiled DDB in, I can press Ctrl-Alt-Esc and drop into it,
> but then again the keyboard won't work, so it's useless.
> Although this box features a dual core CPU, I'm running with SMP
> disabled, so to leave this out of the way.
> Apart from that, the most unusual things this box has are an amr
> controller (featuring RAID5) and GELI. Are there any known issues with
> these?
> How is 6.2 stability right now? Dumping and upgrading is the only thing
> I can think about, though I'm not sure whether this would be an
> improvement...
> Any other hint? Any info I should look for and provide?
>  bye & Thanks
>     av.

        Are you running X in some shape or form on the server, and what's the
last message you receive on the console?
- -Garrett
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