Hello Jonathan...

I configure the wireless in the /etc/dhclient.conf....


interface "ndis0" {
        send host-name "lMy computer";
        prepend domain-name " cwb.casa  ";
        media "media autoselect authmode open wepkey -",
        "ssid bsdnet",
        "ssid vex",
        "ssid default",
        "ssid lenzinet",
        "ssid Zaitter",
        "ssid 'Crystal Wireless'",
        "ssid TelleWireless authmode shared wepkey 0XE235485511 deftxkey
        "ssid OndaRPC wepkey ondaondaondao deftxkey 1",
        "ssid VoyzeBrazil wepkey 1:0x7440169407 deftxkey 1",
        "ssid lenzinet wepkey 1:13825 deftxkey 1",
        "ssid ENGNOTE wepkey 1:0x0011AABBFF deftxkey 1",
        "ssid lenzicasa wepkey 1:13825 deftxkey 1";

for example....   

when I turn on the computer  (a notebook hp pavilion v6600)...
it searches for the wifi points... when it finds some that fits,
it stops and configure the interface acording....

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