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>>>> Jeppe Bundsgaard wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> I am trying to upgrade to FreeBSD 6.1. But when I run installworld
>>>>> it halts when trying to create a symlink: /sys. Just before the
>>>>> error the script tries to delete the old symlink with: rm -f /sys.
>>>>> But this doesn't delete the symlink.
>>>>> No flags are set on /sys.
>>>>> Anybody got any idea what is wrong?
>>>>> Thanks.
>>>>> Jeppe
Thanks again for your help.

I finally found the - of course very simple - sollution my self. It was rm that was corrupt. Luckily I has another server with FreeBSD, so I used lftp to copy rm to /bin - and now it works again. Only I wonder what other important files are corrupted - and how this happened...

No softupdates on /? I noticed that that particular item wasn't turned on by default when I recently redid my machine.

I wonder why unlink didn't work though, because I thought rm depended on unlink. Hmm..

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