This issue has been covered numerous times in this list - usually about
every 4 to 6 weeks it comes up.  It is also covered in some FAQs somewhere,
maybe in some of the online magazines.   I haven't checked the handbook,
but it wouldn't hurt to have a mention there.
I am sorry for that. I did a quick search on and went through
several articles and the handbook. I should have searched the lists as well.

I think there may be some utilities out there that will allow you to
access the disk controller for such things, but I don't know them.
You might check with the disk manufacturer.   Some of them have disk
diagnostics, maintenance and recovery tools available.  But, you need
to assume that is only going to at best let you rescue some remaining
data after you have already moved to a new drive.

I do a backup tonight and buy a new hd after christmas.
Thanks for all your replies!


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