Garrett Cooper wrote:
Sam Jones wrote:
I'm trying to build a custom kernel under FreeBSD 6.1. I first tried
to follow section 8.3 of the Handbook and did

make buildkernel KERNCONF=MYKERNEL

That didn't work, so I tried updating all of the source and did

make buildworld

and then repeated the previous step. That still didn't work. It keeps
giving me the following errors:
The Handbook is no real help on this. I had this working correctly
under FreeBSD 6.0, but I know I used different commands. The Handbook
has changed since then, and it removed those commands. I've included
my kernel configuration file in case it's something wrong with that.

You're missing some reference to a wireless card / wireless protocol in your kernel config somewhere. Could you please provide your config at a URL or include relevant sections of your config (wireless card, etc).
ural(4) needs wlan as well as a few other directives added in a kernel config (see <>). If you don't need that wireless driver, you should comment out that line (it's down in the USB section).
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