Jonathan Horne wrote:
On Monday 18 December 2006 09:03, David Newman wrote:
This page compares various virtual machines:

Unfortunately it appears very few support FreeBSD as a host OS.

I would greatly appreciate advice, anecdotes, or cautionary tales of any
VMs that:

- run on FreeBSD (amd64 or x86) as a host OS

- run *nix guest OSs at or near native speed

"You really need <some other OS> as the host OS" is a perfectly valid
response too.

many thanks


partially afraid of being flamed, but im sure most will understand, but when i recently downsized my operation into virtual machines on a single host, i chose linux with the free vmware-server. vmware offers any type of networking set up i need, as well as consoles over the web or applications (in linux or windows), and on top of that, vmware server has full sets of vmware-tools that will control freebsd guests perfectly (ie, when i call shutdown on the host, each guests shuts down properly as the host waits for each one). i have 5 (production) separate servers running as guests, and they run well enough that i cant really even tell they are virtual.

i really think bang for the buck, linux/vmware is the way to go for a production level VM setup.

This is assuming that you have APM setup though on the client OS? I agree though, vmware is a good product in Windows / Linux. Too bad they don't directly support FreeBSD though.
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