Did you ever get a response to the following inquiry?  I'm looking for
the exact same thing.
Open Source is definitely better, but the business just wants something
to work.
        I'm tapping into this vast group of knowledgeable people to see
someone out there has a solution to a problem I've been trying to tackle

for a couple of weeks now. I need a way to track inventory, but not in a

traditional way. We aren't selling anything, rather, all of this stays 
        We have a data center which is constantly expanding in terms of 
capacity. We have large amounts of hardware on site, and new hardware 
arriving all the time. We currently have no good way to track things 
such as what hard drive that came in is in what server, and if we had to

replace one, what the RMA date is on it, and which one we replaced it 
with. I would like something capable of the following:

1) We can add in new inventory as it arrives.
2) We can indicate what server the parts go into, and also look at the 
server and see what parts are in it.
3) Tasks can be added to the system requesting a new server be built and

what parts should be in the server (single cpu, dual, 2 drives, 5 
drives, raid controler, X sticks of Y size ram, etc) that will take 
current inventory into account.
4) Track inventory on hand  (obviously).
5) Track RMA's on items.

Things it would be nice to have:

1) The ability to work with some form of bar code scanner.
2) The ability to print serial number stickers to add to hardware for 
internal tracking.
3) Lifetime maintenance records - what parts have gone into or come out 
of a machine over it's service life.
4) Mark an inventory item or server object as tested/burned in.

I would like to find something open source, it can run either on as a 
desktop application, or a web application. If there's something out 
there that does this that isn't open source, that's fine too. Don't not 
recommend something just because it's expensive - I'm all about 
supporting open source projects, but the company is footing the bill, 
and they just want something that works. My research has turned up a few

commercial packages that do parts of this, but not all of it, and 
nothing really integrates, so I haven't found a real solution, but I 
can't imagine that this doesn't exist.

Thanks in advance for the help.
Moss Luzader
IT Manager
Newisys, A Sanmina-SCI Company
6200 Bridgepoint Parkway
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Austin, Tx 78730
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