Koen Martens wrote:
Hi All,

I was wondering, if something like a unique hardware identification
would be possible on FreeBSD.

I'd like a machine to authenticate to a server, for which it will
need a unique identification. Problem is, it should be generated
automatically and not easy to fake / detect without already having
root access to the box.

I'm thinking of something like combining serial numbers from
CPU/disks for example, but there does not seem to be a clear way to
obtain these (not all cpu's even have a serial number in there).

I am just inquiring if someone on this list has an idea that might
help with this problem.


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Might I suggest, that if the software requires network usage - simply identify by mac address. A lot of software we use now, accesses a license server via the network, and authenticates clients based on their MAC address, (which, allthough possible to spoof - is not easy for the typical end-user).

Nathan Vidican
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