Stevan Tiefert wrote:

I have installed acrobatviewer-1.1 and diablo-jre-
Each time I want to use acrobatviewer, this message appears:

$ AcrobatViewer
expr: illegal option -- r
usage: expr [-e] expression
$ AcrobatViewer redbook.pdf
expr: illegal option -- r
usage: expr [-e] expression

[Suggestions of using xpdf or kpdf...]

this thread is confusing me... An example: If I ever would have a problem with the FreeBSD-Kernel you would suggest me to use a linux-kernel?

I have a problem with acrobatviewer... I wanted maybe a hint or solution with my problem and not alternatives.

Some people would read your question as "What can I use to view PDFs?" They're trying to help. Nobody has suggested acroread yet, which also works.

As to your original question, there are several problems with with escaping and quoting in the AcrobatViewer shell script. That whole script is a problem. What it's supposed to do is set up an environment to actually run the Java code.

You can run it directly:

java -cp acrobat.jar com.adobe.acrobat.Viewer Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/apple/mrj/MRJAboutHandler

(The same error shows up when you run the "LAX" version set up by the shell script.)

Web searching led to this:

-Warren Block * Rapid City, South Dakota USA
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