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> interesting but...
> % mail -v [EMAIL PROTECTED]
> Subject: sweet
> Yes!
> .
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] Connecting to localhost via relay...
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] Deferred: Connection refused by localhost
> %

sendmail/mail/mailx is looking to use the localhost as a relay.  e.g. (

You're obviously not running sendmail in daemon mode, or you've somehow blocked access.

You could start sendmail in deamon mode... but this seems like the "hard" way to go 
about it:

( a better option would be to configure mail/mailx to use a remote relay instead of 
the default local relay.  I'm not certain how
this is done... I'll look into it, but maybe someone else on this list does? )

1)    Determine what your mail relay should be.  (e.g.  smtp.someisp.net)

2)    edit /etc/mail/sendmail.cf

    # "Smart" relay host (may be null)
    # "Smart" relay host (may be null)

 O DaemonPortOptions=Family=inet, address=, Name=MTA
 O DaemonPortOptions=Family=inet, address=, Name=MTA

 O DaemonPortOptions=Family=inet, address=, Port=587, Name=MSA, M=E
 O DaemonPortOptions=Family=inet, address=, Port=587, Name=MSA, M=E

3) start sendmail

# /usr/sbin/sendmail -bd -q10

this will have sendmail running on your host, but it will only be bound to the 
loopback interface, which avoids your host being used
as an open relay by others.

4) enable sendmail to start at boot.

  (not sure how with Darwin)

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