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> But I doubt we get 260,000 messages a year here, so listen to Bill :)

I used to get 300,000 spams PER DAY for springbreak.com until in
desperation I changed the MX records to point to local host.
I didn't really want to do that, but I had no choice.

The first time that domain was brought up in 1995, before I got
involved with the principles.  It was up for only about 2 - 3 weeks
before the ISP turned them off as it was totally overloading
their T1.   So they became their own IPS with a dedicatd T1 to
AGIS - back before it became spam central.  Keeping track of a
domain that comes up #1 in google with only 1 key word can be a

Now things are nicer as my servers are inside a rack at the local
Level 3 facility and I have 24x7 access in case of problems.
Running 100Mbit links into their global OC768 with no provider
above me makes things a bit more problematic.

The only thing that would make me give up this whole business is
the email problem.   But all our email clients are business
customers that are clients of a local HW/SW support house so I
>>NEVER<< have to talk with end users - as the support house does
all the trouble shooting on the client side, and I only get real
problems forwarded to me.


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