Hello to all,
Not long ago, I ran cvsup "successfully".
In the example cvs-supfile, the following opening lines exist:

# base=/var/db
#               This specifies the root where CVSup will store information
#               about the collections you have transferred to your system.
#               A setting of "/var/db" will generate this information in
#               /var/db/sup.  Even if you are CVSupping a large number of
#               collections, you will be hard pressed to generate more than
#               ~1MB of data in this directory.  You can override the
#               "base" setting on the command line with cvsup's "-b base"
#               option.  This directory must exist in order to run CVSup.
# prefix=/home/ncvs
#               This specifies where to place the requested files.  A
#               setting of "/home/ncvs" will place all of the files
#               requested in /home/ncvs (e.g., "/home/ncvs/src/bin",
#               "/home/ncvs/ports/archivers").  The prefix directory
#               must exist in order to run CVSup.

I attempted running cvsup with "base" and "prefix" locations other than the 
ones stated above; and, it did not work.

However, when I edited the supfile as described above, the whole process ran 
to completion, "successfully".

Well, now I have an updated ports tree in /home/ncvs/ports instead 
of /usr/ports.

So, my question this morning is what do I do with that?  Do I 
treat /home/ncvs/ports as if it were /usr/ports?

Do I copy the entire /home/ncvs/ports directory to /usr/ports for updated 

Thank you in advance for directives.

Z. Wade Hampton
Twin Bridges, Montana
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