On Wed, Dec 20, 2006 at 11:23:04AM +0000, Robin Becker wrote:
> I'm looking for some advice on using one of our existing freebsd 6.x 
> servers as
> a mail server for a small number (<20) of users.
> Our existing provider gives us
> 1) pop3/IMAP for reading mail
> 2) SMTP for sending, but we need to read mail before using smtp; I guess 
> this implies we don't need to authenticate directly.
> 3) web based interface for adding users and redirections etc etc
> 4) spam filtering (presumably based on their large user mail volume).
> 5) white/grey listing

I just want to let you know what i am doing about mail,
maybe it's helpful:

1) I am using 'getmail' for my users which
can't redirect their old addresses.
Seems to operate rock solid so far.

2) Currently i run exim as MTA, but everyone is on its own here.
Maybe sendmail has some extensions to do this POP before SMTP thing...
(which i have turned off on my site, it's just ugly)
I like exim for its clear yet powerful configuration.
coupled with my postgres i have a central for user/pass and alias entries.
IMAP server (courier-imap here) looks up in the postgres, too.

5) grey (or even the new hype: green) listing is a desperate attempt
   to block spam. I'll never use that.

btw: My box provides an email platform for custom domains (free and easy)

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