Hello All:

We have just implemented an NFS server behind a POP cluster of 3
servers.  Incoming mail to the PF front-end box is at about 8 Mb/sec.
Communication between each of the POP servers to and from the NAS is
averaging about 70 Mb/sec.

Can anyone tell me if this is "normal" overhead for NFS traffic?  It
seems, to put it lightly, an insane jump in traffic levels.

I've included an ASCII schematic below my sig.  The 3 POP servers are
updated to 6.1 p10 and the NAS is 6.1 p11.  I've included an ASCII
schematic below my sig.

I'd be more than happy to provide any configuration/troubleshooting
information that someone may find helpful in assisting me in the issue.
I appreciate any insights or configuration suggestions anyone may have.



                                          |--- pop01 ---|
PF Round-Robin -> 8 mb/sec -->  |--- pop02 ---| --> 120 Mb/sec -- NFS
                                          |--- pop03 ---|
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