On Wednesday 20 December 2006 09:38, Terabyte Pete wrote (Nothing of value):
> 7:04 AM, Wednesday, December 20, 2006
> U know, opposite of those oil companies - buying up the rail & mass transit, 
> so they could DESTROY it, & rip everybody off with cars & gas they don't 
> need.  It would be nice if more people were solution oriented like ma'self.  
> We can build a better world.
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What is most fascinating about this rant is that he apparently did it from 
Windows95 installed on a Playstation 3!!!  What an engineer!


Hey, TP!  What sort of "solution" were you drinking so early?

Is this all for comic relief?  Otherwise I can't imagine why you would DOG 
Microsoft so hard, then send your email out via one of Microsoft crippled 
OS's, by way of a hotmail account.

You are a hoot!

P.S.  Did you ever figure out how to get Dragonfly to install from a hard 
drive?  That's a steep learning curve, from what I recall ... all those 
switches ... and the noise of all those developers laughing at you ...

Quoting from the original Dragonfly Massacre:

        "Of all men's miseries, the bitterest is this:
        to know so much and have control over nothing.
                -- Herodotus"
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