On Fri, Dec 22, 2006 at 11:59:59AM +0800, ????????? wrote:
> Hello. I am from China and I'd like to contribute to wikipedia, but this
> is not easy / possible because we cannot access wikipedia from inland
> (the great firewall) and my usual method accesssing wikipedia (through
> ssh -L 80:en.wikipedia.org:80 my_server_in_german) can allow me to visit
> wikipedia but do not allow me to edit it ("open proxy, your host IP
> address is detected to be belonging to a hosting company").
> Can I have an account on your host (or maybe not an account, any means
> let me access wikipedia from a host that is not in datacenter) so that I
> can go on editing wikipedia?
>      I. this account don't need to have any privilege but only able to
>         do TCP port-forward, or if you can set up stunel for me you
>         don't need to create an account (the connection between your
>         host and mine must be SSLed because our firewall is context
>         based;
>     II. your host better be online most of time, even in the night;
>    III. I'll give you my public key so that you don't need to open
>         password authentication of sshd;
>     IV. even if IP address is not fixed, if there are dynamic domain
>         name set up, I can also use that;
>      V. If there are better ideas how I can edit wikipedia, please let
>         me know;
> My public-key (long line!):
> ssh-dss 
> 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
> P.S. I use my root to connect because normal user cannot open port 80,
> hope this is not a problem. (having a port number like 8080 is not so
> convenient for sometimes I need to access it behind restrictive LAN
> firewall)

I think you need tor


Best of luck!


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