Nagy László Zsolt wrote:
Christian Walther wrote:
I'm not sure if sending uncompressed audio data over the network is
such a good idea.
Are you sure that esd does not compress the data?

By the way, esd can be used with any audio application. It can emulate a real soundcard. Example follows.

On the server (where your real sound card is located):

esd -promiscuous -tcp -pubic -port 1500
On the client:

esddsp -v -s mpg123 something.mp3

The mpg123 program does not need to have ESD support. The esddsp program creates a fake pcm device before starting mpg123.


Why not just use the -C flag with ssh and port forward the port using ssh as well (-L ...)? The only problem would be with sharing the soundcard/port, since I'm not sure if only one user can connect and use esd at one time. However, this can be setup per-user given a little foreknowledge and planning.
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