Xian wrote:
On Friday 22 December 2006 06:02, freebsd wrote:
Hi all
 I have installed FreeBSD 6.0 unix recently. But I am not able to configure
network (internet).
I am having leased line with Realtek gigabit ethernet NIC. When I try to
configure it is not showing the interface itself on sysinstall. Whether
this freeBSD support this card or else what I have to do.

Please help me
Expect your earlier response


The card can be configured after install, if the drivers for it exist. They just might not be in the kernell at install time (I don't know what ones are). The re or rl drivers might be wat your after. The man pages for them have lists of supported cards.

Try re. rl is for the 10/100MBit cards--I know because I have one.
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