Chris wrote:
I think you maybe running into a bug in 6.1 where the keyboard wont respond during the boot process. Of course you don't notice because keystrokes have no visual feedback at password input.

Try adding this line to "/boot/device.hint" on your boot media:


I'm booting an encrypted root file system fine with GELI.

Thank's for the tip. After reinitializing the geli device with -b flag, it works. Before, I used an rc script to geli attach, my mistake. Of course, rc scripts are read after boot. It seems loader.conf contents (which are exactly as before) are somehow ignored if the -b flag for that device is missing. I didn't dig for the details.

Without the hint for kbdmux, it freezes. Or at least appears so, because it has no reaction to anything pressed.

After adding the hint, it will attach the geli device correctly, however, the kernel fault traps right after that. I'm wondering if this is still a kbdmux issue, perhaps removing it from the kernel is better.

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