Overall, I've gotten the best results with Linux-Opera.  It works fine
with Acroread, Java and Flash.  I've not tried Real Player.  The only
thing it can't do is use the MPlayer plugin.  Opera 9.10 (FreeBSD
native) supposedly takes Linux plugins directly, which would be a huge
step in the right direction.  Flash 9 even works, through it is still a
bit unstable.

Native Firefox/Epiphany/linuxpluginwrapper works fine for me with
Acroread, Flash sites coded for older players (but please see
http://www.jail.se/freebsd.html for the appropriate patch) and Java.

FWIW, while the Poppler-based PDF viewers like Evince and KPDF work well
for many documents, for the really complicated ones there is no
replacement for Acroread.

Yes, this is on 6.2-RC.


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