Christian Walther wrote:
On 23/12/06, Michael P. Soulier <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Firefox is a pig on every platform. Plus, more sites are using
javascript for AJAX these days, pushing more and more load onto the

I agree. It's painfull to see that you browse a website and it
consumes all your cpu cycles eventually. Since most of these scripts
are used to power adverts or some graphical stuff that really isn't
necessary, I use FF with the Adblock, NoScript, and
Adblock filters known ads, together with "Adblock Filter.G Updater"
you get a decent list of ad placing sites.
NoScript is configured to block all JavaScripts by default, and if I
think that a website doesn't behave as I would expect (e.g. doesn't
react on URL- oder buttonpresses in forms), I temporarily allow
scripts for this site. Sites I visit regularly that require JavaScript
get general permission.
Flashblock teaches embedded Flash-Objects "on demand"-behaviour by
replacing them with a play button. The Animation is only started after
this button is being pressed.
This puts an end to high CPU load...
Strange. Firefox 2.0 doesn't appear to be much of a problem for me on my P4 2.4GHz machine. Then again I run NoScript and Adblock by default. Also, if you dig through the tabs in NoScript a bit, it has options to disable Flash stuff by default and then you can whitelist the Flash animation as well.

The only problem I have had with Firefox CPU-wise has been caused by annoying, poorly created blog sites (40+ some animated gifs in the background--ate up nearly all my available CPU resources).

Another thing, there were some known problems with Firefox 2.0.1 that were addressed with GTK filechoosers, if that's part of what you're doing.

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