Subject: OT: sed usage (was Re: Search & Replace Issue)
Date: Mon, 25 Dec 2006 00:04:47 -0500

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wrote DeepTech thusly...
> sed -e 's/http\:\/\/www\.domain\.htm\///g' *.htm > *.htm

That will most likely destroy the original file(s).

Depending on your shell, you will get redirection error from the shell
if there happen to be more than one file matching the pattern '*.htm'.

In particular, in zsh 4.2.6 ...

  # cat p
  polka dot

  # cp -f p q; cp -f p qq
  # ls -l p q*
  -rw-------  1 parv  people  10 Dec 24 23:32 p
  -rw-------  1 parv  people  10 Dec 24 23:32 q
  -rw-------  1 parv  people  10 Dec 24 23:32 qq

  # sed -e '' q* >| q*
  # ls -l q*
  -rw-------  1 parv  people  0 Dec 24 23:34 q
  -rw-------  1 parv  people  0 Dec 24 23:34 qq

> NOTE: not sure if u have to use a '\' before that ':'

No, ':' need not be escaped.

  - Parv

sed -e 's/http\:\/\/www\.domain\.htm\///g' *.htm > *.htm
Although it did not destroy the files, it didn't work, nor did most of the others.

However, this one using perl DID work perfectly:
perl -pi -e 's/http:\/\/\///g' *.html

None of the other SED(1) tips worked although I tried several times.
The above is the only perl tip that worked for my purpose and it worked well.

Although the SED(1) tips may have worked if I had enough time to debug, time was a factor. Glad the one worked as it saved an enourmous amount of time on this S&R effort.

Again, many thanks for all the help!

Best & Merry Xmas!

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