Your questions don't belong in this list because they don't have
anything to do with FreeBSD but here goes...

> Does the executable code quality depend only on the compiler? Comparison
> between native and cross-compiling?

In general, the choice of algorithm is of the highest importance. Seek
compiler optimizations only if you already have adequate algorithms.

The results of native and cross-compiling should be the same, per
definition of cross-compiling.

> Is it worth porting the project to GGC if you can download specifically
> optimized .asm code for GCC?

Yes, in general, but you must test it before and afterwards.

> What IDEs are currently available that use
> GCC?

Depending of what you think an IDE is, either none or a gazillion.
There's nothing like what's available for commercial platforms, but
there are a lot of decent editors that can call compilers. If you're
doing windows programming with gcc, see for example Dev-cpp.

> Finally, if someone knows whether microsoft's or GNU's compiler is better
> for generating faster windows code, please?

Microsoft's, definitely. If you're really after extracting
water-out-of-stone performance, Intel's are even better.

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