Andy Dills wrote:
> Is there a standard way of installing complete filesystem images onto 
> existing machines via the network, for example using dump, restore, nfs, 
> and boot floppies?
> I want to upgrade our mail server cluster from 4-STABLE to 6-STABLE, and 
> there is so much that goes into the mail server setup... 
> postfix/amavisd-new/clamav/SA/Razor2/DCC/FuzzyOcr all chrooted, that's a 
> lot of port installing and lib copying I don't feel like doing. 
> I've got an image of the 6-STABLE box I'm happy with and I want to be able 
> to serve it via NFS, then go through the cluster booting on (hopefully) 
> the fixit floppy, format the disks and restore the image over nfs, edit 
> some confs, and boot it and away it goes in a fraction of the time it 
> would take to go from scratch with each.
> I'm not sure what tools the fixit floppy has. Anybody done anything like 
> this before?
> Thanks,
> Andy

I would look at FreeSBIE or some other LiveCD.
It should not be to difficult to boot from a CD, do the needed disk
and network setup and then simply pull the images from a server
somewhere. Or just do a dump on the finished server, and pipe it to
a local restore over ssh.

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