SA is a black box to troubleshoot, so many interrelated stuff.
isn't wise on a SA server.  When I deploy SA I build the initial server from
ports as well as SA, from that point on, all SA upgrades are manual.  Once
the rest of the code on the server gets too old for production, the server
cycled out and replaced with a new one that's a new initial build.

I realize this won't probably help you to solve the problem but may help you
avoid it in the future.

In your case since you undoubtedly don't want to take the server down to
the bear metal, all I can recommend is make deinstall SA and all dependent
programs, including
all perl modules as well as perl itself.  Then cvsup ports, and make install
SA  Good luck with it.


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Subject: Perl error with Spam Assassin?

> I *think* the following is coming from Spam Assassin, which is
> launched by procmail, which is launched by fetchmail (so any of those
> could be the guilty party if they use perl).
> [31161] warn: (?:(?<=[\s,]))* matches null string many times in
> regex; marked by <-- HERE in m/\G(?:(?<=[\s,]))* <-- HERE \Z/ at /usr/
> local/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/Text/ line 46.
> Anyone else? Any suggestion as to what I may be doing wrong? Can't
> say that I can associate the occurance of the above with any
> portupgrade or similar. Might have been a portupgrade or a buildworld
> which started the error messages.
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