The problem may be in web-application you use. You need to modify
source code of your application. Also you can check config-files of
yor application. There may be option to tune this feature.

On 12/29/06, Marwan Sultan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Hello List,

   I'm using some web based application, and in the related configuration
files i have choosed
   to use the machine localtime.

   But when i check the applications, i found out its still GMT time..

   Hmm however
   I copied my /usr/share/zoneinfo/local to /etc/localtime
   the output of the command #date
   will show the local country date and time, and NOT GMT.

   But the applications still showing GMT as machine localtime !!

   I deleted all the cockies, restarted web..
   no luck..
   the zero file /etc/wall_cmos_clock there and presents..

   So why the web applications still says and showing the GMT in the time
that #date command
   showing the localtime ?

   Should i change the machine bios time?
   from adjkerntz ? safe to do it?

   Any hints?
   Its 4.8R

   Marwan Sultan.

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