When a client connect on my server PPTP running MPD, it get a default gateway for my 

I need that the cliente get only route of my network, and not default gateway!

My mpd.conf:
         load pptp0
        new -i ng0 pptp0 pptp0
        set bundle disable multilink
        set ipcp ranges
        set iface enable proxy-arp
        set iface route
        set ipcp dns 200.X.X.X
        set link deny pap chap
        set link enable chap
        set ipcp enable vjcomp
        set bundle enable compression
        set ccp yes mppc
        set ccp yes mpp-e40
        set ccp yes mpp-e128
        set ccp yes mpp-stateless

My mpd.links:
   set link type pptp
   set pptp self
   set pptp enable incoming
   set pptp disable originate

Somebody have an idea ?


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