Myself, I'd get a couple of small fiber/ethernet convertors and then connect
everything to a small ethernet switch.

A bit more money, but simpler and I like simple.



How to configure switching between network interfaces?
I would like to determine how, or if, the following can be accomplished
with FreeBSD.
A BSD box setup with 1 GbE NIC and a 4 port 10/100 NIC
The GbE interface will have a static IP configured (192.168.10.x/24)
Planned Implementation:
  Along with possibly serving other data such as NFS or HTTP traffic, I
would like the interfaces to work as a switch. The GbE interface is a fiber
optic NIC which connects to the rest of the network 100 or so meters away. I
plan to use the other 4 interfaces to attach hosts to my network. I would
prefer all of my hosts to be on the same subnet if possible, otherwise I
would just configure routing between the appropriate interfaces. My question
then is: Can the interfaces be configured to function as a switch would,
allowing the connected hosts to recieve DHCP and other traffic "routing"
from the fiber optic interface via the FreeBSD box. I know that in a basic
configuration, 2 interfaces on the same subnet are not a best practice and
would required special routing information. I assume that somewhere this can
be configured. A good shove in the right direction would be most
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