Thank's for all your answers.

At 09:46 AM 1/15/2003 +1030, Greg 'groggy' Lehey wrote:
Note that there's no a priori reason to believe that the ATA drive is
going to be slower than the SCSI drives.

My own take on this: it should work, and performance shouldn't be
markedly different from a 3 SCSI disk config.  How you actually use it
depends very much on your intended use, though.
Well, the plans have changed, the SCSI drives will be some IMB's at 10K rpm but of 36G. As i don't think the database will grow more that 2G in the next year I'm thinking in doing mirroring and striping on them (as some other poster suggested), and use the IDE as a back-up boot solution in case of something goes wrong with them and sync it manually at the end of the day. If I'll have the time to test I'll try to use all 3 with vinum.


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