On Sat, Dec 30, 2006 at 08:43:14PM +1030, Ian Moore wrote:
> Hi,
> Since I upgraded to KDE 3.5.5 the other day, I've been getting the following 
> messages after KDE starts:
> kernel: collecting pv entries -- suggest increasing PMAP_SHPGPERPROC
> I've noticed the system seems a bit unstable, it often locks up when KDE 
> starts and I guess that is the reason for the instability.

I doubt it.

> I did a bit of hunting on the mailing list archives, but could only come up 
> with one question that didn't shed much light on the matter. Does anyone know 
> what I should do to increase PMAP_SHPGPERPROC?

Change the value in your kernel configuration file.

> I'm running 5.5-RELEASEp9 on i386.

Try updating to 6.2 if you are having instability problems, and then
proceed from there.


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