[2]3D"" Don't buy  Recruitment Software. . . Evolve

   In  today’s World it’s very much about On-Demand services; we
   all = pay monthly  subscriptions for many things including our
   phones, internet = connections  and TV.  

   So why  buy Recruitment Software when you can benefit from a
   complete = Managed  Service?

   Instead  of purchasing expensive hardware and software licences,
   which you = have to  install, maintain and back-up, let us
   manage your = recruitment  database for you.

   What does = this mean  for your company?
     * No IT Burden 
     * Instant = Scalability 
     * Unlimited = Capacity 
     * Guaranteed = Security 
     * Your consultants access your = database  using the Internet from
       anywhere      * Upgrades and updates are managed by us 
     * Maintenance and data back up is = managed  by us
     * 99.999% guaranteed uptime and bandwidth  available

    Evolve offers unique  functionality including . . .
     * Unique  searchable Raw CV Pool.
     * Unique background automatching = of  candidates and vacancies.
     * Unique workflow modeller – = this allows  you to tailor Evolve
       to work the way that you want to  work.
     * Unique Compliance  Wizard
     * Unique Global Management  reporting

   . . .  all the benefits of a = database  that you can customise to
   your company’s requirements – without = the  associated costs.

   For = more  information or to book a demonstration please call    Chris = 
Pawsey on  01252 333344 or e-mail our sales    department at [EMAIL PROTECTED]

   If you do not wish to receive = regular  updates on Evolve and
   issues facing recruitment companies 
   please e-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED]


   Telephone : 01252 333344


   FCP is dedicated to = the  Recruitment industry and are the only
   company that offer a full = Managed  Service to our customers.

   We are committed to respecting your privacy. = We do  not share your
   information with any third party. If you feel you = have  received
   this e-mail in error or wish to be removed from this list = then 
   simply e-mail [EMAIL PROTECTED] Any views = or opinions 
   presented are solely those of the author and do not necessarily    represent 
 those of FCP Internet or its subsidiaries.



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