Bob McIsaac <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Usability studies say that a person won't wait more than 4 seconds for a
> web page download.  FreeBSD using Konqueor or Lynx takes more than 10
> seconds.  This is puzzling since ftp transfers at 400kbs, pings of
> take 80ms, and top shows CPU is 93% idle.

I take it, then, that FreeBSD is the web client, not the server?  
Have you checked for whether the delays are being caused by name
service, before the HTTP session is even started?

> This is for a EPIA-CN130000 mini-itx with .5gb memory.
> Via says it works with Windows and Linux. It worked well for me using Mepis
> Linux.
> Note the message log sees a VT6102 LAN but the board has a 6103. Perhaps
> that explains the problem. Otherwise, it must be a protocol issue.

A similarly identified interface works okay for me on my Via C3
board.  Admittedly, they are lousy chips, but you should't notice for
most purposes.
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