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Date: 31-Dec-2006 19:43
Subject: Re: what is operator group for?
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Hi all

I sent this once already but didn't see it come back, sorry if it has
appeared twice.

AFAIK it has only come up once, so that's OK.

can anyone tell me what the operator group is for, or docs where I can
read about it? I see that /sbin/shutdown and /sbin/mk_snap_ffs are both
executable by members and various things in /dev/ are mountable by them.

Originally things were set up that way so that people in the "operator"
group could mount disks and tapes, shut the machine off, etc. root would do
the system administration itself (removing rootkits, etc.)

Well, when I say "originally" I mean "when the operator group was added to
the system". I don't think it existed in early versions of UNIX.


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