This is by no way an official post, but in my current job I admin a
Stellent Content Server, which until recently only had
AIX/Linux/SunOS/Win32 as supported platforms (maybe one or two other
platforms that I've forgotten).

I was about to try installing it with the Linux Compatability Layer
where necessary, but right when I was going to start, all the images
dissapeared off their website. This morning I checked, and along with
the 7.6.2 (new sub-release?) I found a FreeBSD ISO.

So, really, if you were interested in SCM but couldn't find it in
FreeBSD, or wanted to move a system with it over to FreeBSD, you now
can. If you don't know what SCM is, then you probaly wasted your time
reading this message (sorry, I did warn you).

I'm just happy to see a nice piece of mainstream commercial software
on FreeBSD. It's not common enough as of yet.

-Jim Stapleton
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