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I have a new system with NO FLOPPY CONTROLLER and a 3ware 9550
card.  It's a 1u system -- sticking extra things into PCI slots
as a workaround is likely to be impossible.

Any possibility of using a USB floppy drive?

Will the BSD installer recognize a USB floppy drive?

3) Adding the kldload command to the emergency holographic shell
(I was able to do an NFS mount from within it, but had no way to
load the driver).

Maybe put kldload on that NFS mount along with the module to be
loaded, and run it from there?

I had considered that, but feared hitting version issues. Obviously sysinstall needs both "mount" and "kldload" functionality -- why aren't they in the emergency shell (For that matter, why isn't "ls"?)

If this many years later we're still emulating floppies, there's a problem, folks.



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