I changed the ip address of my server (physical move to a new location)
and updated my dns. Logs show that everything is fine. I can get out to
other sites just fine, send email, and internally everything is working
fine. However, I updated on Jan 1st and the changes for the nameservers have
still not propagated out anywhere. Logs show no one hitting the server. I'm
starting to get worried.
   The db file has this data:

               2007010101      ; Serial (year,month,day,version_that_day)
               86400           ; refresh (1 day)
               7200            ; retry (2 hours)
               8640000         ; expire (100 days)
               86400 )         ; minimum (1 day)

So after 1 day external DNS's should update to the new info.
   The only other bit of info that I can't figure out is that in the logs
I'm getting this message:

Jan  2 02:44:16 gouda /kernel: arplookup failed: host is not on
local network

but has nothing to do with my network, so I have no idea which
service is trying to get to this. I grepped all etc and usr/local/etc bu
nothing have that ip.

Finally, nslookup is working on any address including my own. Thats makes me
think DNS is working properly... Any ideas on what else I can check that
might not be right?

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