I'm using xfce 3.8.18 (from ports collection). I download the sources of
xfce4 from cvs and wanted to compile the stuff! Like they mentionned it:
./configure than make (but I get an error message)! I'm using FreeBSD

Well honestly I'm a *NIX newbie (coming from Windows) and I'm not a
programmer! I would "really like to learn" how to download sources and
compile and install stuff by myself (without using the ports collections)!

I do understand that I might leave my Freebsd system unstable or even
unusable after installing Software!

I would like to be able not to be "only" dependant of the ports-collection,
to do that, you need to be able to compile stuff correctly but I need some
help or doc? Where can I start?

I had a quick look at the porters-handbook:
Is that ports-handbook the place to start? Isn't it meant for a programmer?

May be someone has some tips about how to compile and install the xfce4
modules on freebsd 4.7-RELEASE, what do I have to take care? What should you
watch or pay attention when compiling etc...

What are the concret difficulties?

Do you have recommendations about a good doc for non-programmers about how
to learn how to do that? Any good link where I could start? Do you really
have to be a programmer to be able to do that? Is it mission impossible for
someone without programmer knowledge?

Many many thanks for any kind of hints/help link etc...!

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