As a recent BSD initiate, I can say, if you read all the details, and use
the defaults for everything (especially 'A' for label) (except most people
want X-user for the distribution), then everything works great.

Have you looked at PC-BSD?  They seem to want to be more MS-like, but I
found they have next to no documentation, and they break things that are
perfectly doable in regular free-bsd by reading the handbook.  Also pc-bsd
is KDE-centric, and I'm more of a XFCE & Gnome lover.

My overall reaction: What the installer lacks in
"goodness/utility/pick-an-adjective", the handbook more than makes up for,
if you don't mind reading it.  It has answered pretty much all of my
questions.  It's a hell of a resource, and I wish the same existed for MS
(although with Vista, I'm really not planning on using MS anymore anyway).


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> Hello, I used to be on this mailing list several years ago, and have
> recently rejoined.
>    vs.
> Could I begin a thread (now) about a comparison (and relatively
> inferiorness) of the following two installers please??  I WOULD run
> FreeBSD at home instead of Fedora if the installer were more .....erm,
> """Microsoftly."""
> Do you among the developer circle hear this kind of thing from time to

This seems to come up over and over again.  About every other month.

The developers are aware of it.  The general consensus is that "yes, our
installer could be nicer/prettier/easier/etc"

However, until someone either takes the time to write a better one, or
foots some cash to get a better one written, or blackmails a developer
in to doing it or something else, we still have what we have.

I think the biggest problem is that the installer is "good enough" -- so
nobody is particularly interested in rewriting it until it's not good
enough any more -- even though it could be better.

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