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Hello, I used to be on this mailing list several years ago, and have
recently rejoined.




Could I begin a thread (now) about a comparison (and relatively
inferiorness) of the following two installers please??  I WOULD run
FreeBSD at home instead of Fedora if the installer were more .....erm,

Do you among the developer circle hear this kind of thing from time to time?

This seems to come up over and over again.  About every other month.

The developers are aware of it.  The general consensus is that "yes, our
installer could be nicer/prettier/easier/etc"

However, until someone either takes the time to write a better one, or
foots some cash to get a better one written, or blackmails a developer
in to doing it or something else, we still have what we have.

I think the biggest problem is that the installer is "good enough" -- so
nobody is particularly interested in rewriting it until it's not good
enough any more -- even though it could be better.

   Coincidently, issue 68 of has a positive review of
   Fedora 6.
   But Cons: "Anacoda installer is clumsy and poorly designed, due for a
   major overhaul".  (in the reviewer's opinion).  It looks fine to me?
   I like Mepis Linux for it's superior usability and attention to
   detail. But in
   FreeBSD I am looking for a lightweight efficient OS that can run a
   management system (TBD) on a low-power Mini-ITX computer.
   IMO, iterative and incremental developement in the FOSS way is more
   effective than paradigm shift.  Therefore, the existing sysinstall
   can be improved by setting up a mini-project to do just that.
   I am sure there are plenty of ideas to improve usability.  How about
   replacing most of these sequential dialogues with  tabbed panels where
   can check settings in any order?  -Bob-


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