Derrick Ryalls wrote:

This is perhaps off topic, but all machines in question are running FreeBSD :)

This problem is related to the configuration of your MTA, not FreeBSD.

Every day I get dozens of failed email notifications in the form of:

UNDELIVERABLE MAIL Your message to the following recipients cannot be
delivered: <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:


<<< 550 RCPT TO:<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> User unknown


With secondary mail servers, I am accepting mail for other domains,
and then forwarding them on.  It is my belief that acting as a
secondary mail server is what is causing me to receive all these


Assuming that my guessing is correct, is there any way to stop this
flood of reject emails short of not being a secondary server for

Which MTA? In Postfix, you can use the relay_recipient_maps parameter to query a list of valid recipients. The MX for which you're acting as secondary should be able to provide the list.

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