In <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>, Atifa Kheel 
> Hello,
> i want use BSD libc on my linux system.
> i want to know from where i can download the source
> and if any documentation on this is available,like the
> features it supports etc??

FreeBSD is a complete system, not a collection of projects that are
put together by people building distributions. I don't believe you can
easily download *just* libc. The documentation is included as man
pages in the source tree. It's not clear what the best way to get the
soruces is. You can go somewhere like: <URL: >
and get slib.*. Those files can be cat'ed togeter, ungzip'ed and the
untarred. You can also try fetching the sources from the CVS
server. Be aware that you WILL NOT be able to use standard Linux
utilities with the FreeBSD libc.

There was a project to tweak the FreeBSD user code - libraries and
commands - to run on a Linux kernel. I'm not sure what happened to
it. If you google through the FreeBSD mail archives, you can probably
find a URL for more information.

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