Hi im having trouble setting up my PCI card to connect to my access point
I have freeBSD-RC2-RELEASE
The driver I installed for it using ndis
when I enter the command "ifconfig ndis0 up scan"
it shows my access point

I tried ifconfig, and wpa_supplicant to configure it but dosent work

Heres what I have need to configure it to;

Infrastructue Mode
BSSID: 00:14:95:c6:af:91
Authmode: SHARED
WEP-KEY: 2205801095
Channel: 6

I'm not sure what weptxkey for my access point is,
if I need it, anyways I can know?

for the IP, cant DHCP set one up for it?

how do I put all that in ifconfig or wpa_supplicant
to make it connect?

SDF Public Access UNIX System - http://sdf.lonestar.org
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