Due to some hardware issues (not really relevant here) I've
re-installed FreeBSD about 6 times in the last couple days.

On one of those occasions, I managed to go through a sequence not
unlike this:

1. Standard fdisk/label stuff.
2. Custom install of base, kernel, ports tree (only)
3. Choose some packages, swap disks 1&2 around, lotsa fun.
4. Choose to go back to tweak install at the end.
5. I think I *may* have gone back through the Custom kernel bit, to
add the man pages or something...
6. Commit installation.

At this point, however, Disk#2 was in the drive, not disk #1.

Alas, it kept trying to find base, man, dict, ports on /dev/acd0.

It wasn't there, because those are on Disk#1, not #2.

My laptop eject button would NOT work.

The installer wasn't letting me swap CDs like it does for the
Packages, because it assumed I had Disk#1 in there, I guess, as one
generally does the base/kernel stuff and commits before swapping
around the disks for Packages.

There does not seem to be the standard paperclip hole manual eject on
the CD drive on this laptop. :-(

I tried going through some more packages, picking some that seemed
like they'd be on Disk #1, so I could be prompted to swap disks, and
end up with #1 in the drive, so then I could "commit" and it would
just work.

Alas, I kept picking stuff that was on disk #2, and then chose
something that ended up requiring a bunch of gnome stuff, which I
didn't really want.  I think it was 'fileroller' that did that?

Not that I have anything against gnome, as I use it on another box,
but I felt like playing with KDE on this box for now.

Anyway, I just gave up at that point.

So I had to power down and start all over, as it seemed like it would
be easier than continuing down the path I was on.

This was not the end of the world for me, as I had re-done the install
about 4 times anyway, and planned at least 1 more to try different
things to work through my hardware issue.

But it could sure be frustrating to anybody else who tries this same

Any chance the base/kernel/man/port/etc installer code could also
check for CD 2 versus CD 1 like the Packages installer code does?...

Seems like it would be a no-brainer to this naive reader, but maybe
I'm just being stupid...

Or maybe only people as silly as I am to try and go back and add in
the stuff from the first configure section (base, kernel, etc) get bit
by this?... Still... Seems like it should not let me be that stupid.

Just an idea, if somebody who works on the installer code happens to
read this. :-)


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