On Wednesday 03 January 2007 22:20, Richard Lynch wrote:
> Due to some hardware issues (not really relevant here) I've
> re-installed FreeBSD about 6 times in the last couple days.
> On one of those occasions, I managed to go through a sequence not
> unlike this:
> 1. Standard fdisk/label stuff.
> 2. Custom install of base, kernel, ports tree (only)
> 3. Choose some packages, swap disks 1&2 around, lotsa fun.
> 4. Choose to go back to tweak install at the end.
> 5. I think I *may* have gone back through the Custom kernel bit, to
> add the man pages or something...
> 6. Commit installation.
> At this point, however, Disk#2 was in the drive, not disk #1.
> Alas, it kept trying to find base, man, dict, ports on /dev/acd0.
> It wasn't there, because those are on Disk#1, not #2.
> My laptop eject button would NOT work.
> The installer wasn't letting me swap CDs like it does for the
> Packages, because it assumed I had Disk#1 in there, I guess, as one
> generally does the base/kernel stuff and commits before swapping
> around the disks for Packages.
> There does not seem to be the standard paperclip hole manual eject on
> the CD drive on this laptop. :-(
> I tried going through some more packages, picking some that seemed
> like they'd be on Disk #1, so I could be prompted to swap disks, and
> end up with #1 in the drive, so then I could "commit" and it would
> just work.
> Alas, I kept picking stuff that was on disk #2, and then chose
> something that ended up requiring a bunch of gnome stuff, which I
> didn't really want.  I think it was 'fileroller' that did that?
> Not that I have anything against gnome, as I use it on another box,
> but I felt like playing with KDE on this box for now.
> Anyway, I just gave up at that point.
> So I had to power down and start all over, as it seemed like it would
> be easier than continuing down the path I was on.
> This was not the end of the world for me, as I had re-done the install
> about 4 times anyway, and planned at least 1 more to try different
> things to work through my hardware issue.
> But it could sure be frustrating to anybody else who tries this same
> sequence...
> Any chance the base/kernel/man/port/etc installer code could also
> check for CD 2 versus CD 1 like the Packages installer code does?...
> Seems like it would be a no-brainer to this naive reader, but maybe
> I'm just being stupid...
> Or maybe only people as silly as I am to try and go back and add in
> the stuff from the first configure section (base, kernel, etc) get bit
> by this?... Still... Seems like it should not let me be that stupid.
> :-)
> Just an idea, if somebody who works on the installer code happens to
> read this. :-)

I've been bit by something similar during install. There is no question that 
the installer could use some work. What I do now is just install the base 
system, boot then pull everything else in with a network install. Saves time 
and frustration from swapping disks. Usually the ports need upgrading anyway, 
so the install disks are just a starting point.


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