On 04 Jan Richard Lynch wrote:
> At this point, however, Disk#2 was in the drive, not disk #1.
> Alas, it kept trying to find base, man, dict, ports on /dev/acd0.
> It wasn't there, because those are on Disk#1, not #2.
> My laptop eject button would NOT work.
> The installer wasn't letting me swap CDs like it does for the Packages,
> because it assumed I had Disk#1 in there, I guess, as one generally does
> the base/kernel stuff and commits before swapping around the disks for
> Packages.
> There does not seem to be the standard paperclip hole manual eject on
> the CD drive on this laptop. :-(

Maybe you could have opened a second terminal (ctrl/alt/f2) to unmount the
cdrom drive. Just a guess.

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