In the last episode (Jan 04), Jos G. Juanino said:
> I read in the UPDATING file:
> ###
> gnutls has been updated to 1.6.1 and all shared libraries' versions
> have been bumped. So you need to rebuild all applications that
> depend on gnutls. Do something like:
> ###
> I run pkg_glob -r gnutls-1.4.5 and get 42 packages, including
> k3b-0.12.17 and abiword-2.4.6 among other (I mentioned only
> some of the biggest to build in my slow pentium III computer).
> However, I have noticed that only a few ports depends directly on gnults
> port (search for those ports which depends on gnutls but do not depend
> on the rest of ports listed in /var/db/pkg/gnutls-1.4.5/+REQUIRED_BY,
> see [1]). These ports are (in my system):

In reality, nothing should depend on gnutls, since we have openssl in
the base system.  I have WITHOUT_GNUTLS=yes in /etc/make.conf.

        Dan Nelson
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