Re the FreeBSD Installer--

I think that more specifically, I would like and lots of users in the *nix
community probably would not mind, if sysinstall could handle installing to
a partially used HDD.  Can sysinstall do that? *naive looks*

I have heard o' wondrous a' tale about (hmmmm which was it Ubuntu or
Xandros/theWindowsyLinux?) Linux installers that can shrink unused space of
a current partition, and then go along its merry way and install to the
other part of a HDD.

So I guess my [I want what HE HAS..] question is - if I have Linux Fedora
Core on my HDD which is using one huge single partition, what do I do so
that I can install FreeBSD to the rest of the disk??  I miss FreeBSD.

Thanks so much, All!!!


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Subject: Re: FreeBSD Installer vs RedHat Linux Fedora Core Installer?

Also, an interesting thing is that sysinstall required (at least in my
case) a clean filesystem / partition tables every time I tried to
install. Whenever I installed with a partially or complete filesystem,
sysinstall would die every single time when installing when fetching /
extracting sources.
- -Garrett
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