On Thu, January 4, 2007 12:56 pm, Peter aka SweetPete wrote:
> I think that more specifically, I would like and lots of users in the
> *nix
> community probably would not mind, if sysinstall could handle
> installing to
> a partially used HDD.  Can sysinstall do that? *naive looks*
> I have heard o' wondrous a' tale about (hmmmm which was it Ubuntu or
> Xandros/theWindowsyLinux?) Linux installers that can shrink unused
> space of
> a current partition, and then go along its merry way and install to
> the
> other part of a HDD.
> So I guess my [I want what HE HAS..] question is - if I have Linux
> Fedora
> Core on my HDD which is using one huge single partition, what do I do
> so
> that I can install FreeBSD to the rest of the disk??  I miss FreeBSD.

Put it this way:  If I can stumble my way through shrinking MS Windows
and getting FreeBSD to dual-boot on a laptop, you oughta be able to
get Linux and FreeBSD on the same box. :-)

System Rescue CD with the "run_qparted" is the starting point to
shrink the Linux partition.


When the qparted program is shrinking the disk, it *LOOKS* like it
locked up.  It did not.  Step away from the computer.  Step away from
the computer.  Go have lunch or something.

Grueling details here:

Of course, I have yet to track down the links I was thinking of when I
wrote that, so there are lots of "go here" links that aren't links
yet...  Maybe some day RSN... :-v

Some people have a "gift" link here.
Know what I want?
I want you to buy a CD from some starving artist.
Yeah, I get a buck. So?

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