David Robillard wrote:
Just finished searching the archives and net and turned up a few
answers. I also checked the AMD64 release notes for FBSD 6.1.

Is anyone running FreeBSD on a Sun Fire X2100? Any caveats I should know
about? Looks like it should be a simple install and run. We will be
using these servers as outbound SMTP servers so they will be running
just the minimum mail services, smtp-auth, and clamAV.

Hi DAve,

I had a Sun Fire X2100 in here a year ago to test it. It installed ok
using FreeBSD/amd64 RELEASE-6.0. My guess is that it should be alright
with 6.1 or the upcoming 6.2.

Your best bet is to get a Sun rep loan you one of them so that you can
try it out. If they refuse, the sometimes have some in their own
offices which you usually can go to and try it.

Here are the ifconfig(8) and (rather long) dmesg(8) output from the
Sun Fire X2100 running a GENERIC FreeBSD/amd64 RELEASE-6.0 kernel on
January 8th, 2006.


Have fun,


Thanks, I suspected as much after searching the FreeBSD lists and looking for info on the net. We can always build what little we need on Solaris, I just prefer to use FreeBSD when I can. These are not fancy servers and they will not be doing anything other than basic AV scanning and pumping mail out the door for our network clients.

I appreciate the response.


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