Hello Gurus,

This is an Urgent help, as everything pending, waiting.. a FreeBSD Solution. and I appologize if I will explain in details, please be patient with me.

Just yesterday, our ISP installed 2 routers (both 3com) at our main office. One router acting for Datalink between the office and the branch (datarouter)
   One for the internet connection.(internet router)

   one short cable connected from the internet router to datalink router
   So everyone on the WAN has internet access which we donot want.
   So we decided to have our FreeBSD 6.1-R server, managing all the job.

   So I installed a FreeBSD box, with NATd enabled, this is how it works
Internet router <---> rl0 freebsd dc0 <---> switch <---> all clinets
   also a cat5 cable hookedup from the datalink router to the switch.
   So the switch having the clinets+datalink router + lan freebsd cable.
   The datalink router connected to the branch site also WAN.

   the internet router has the following configurations.
   IP gateway
   and the datalink configuration has the follow
   WAN (branch site)
   IPs of 192.168.2.xx gateway
ALL can ping each other and see each other..(if there is no freebsd server)
   also wan works perfectly.. with no FreeBSD server..
   Here is the problem

   the problem when I configure my fbsd lan interface to
   and my clinets will have the IP
   192.168.1.x/24 with gateway
   wthey will have the internet.. and will NOT see any datalink clients,
nor will see the WAN on the branch site. (diffrences of IPs and gateways) because clinets directed to the fbsd server which regonize (internet router)

   If I configure my clients behind fbsd nat server to IPs of
192.168.0.x/24 and gateway (Insted of 192.168.1.x and gw
   they will see the datalink and wan but no internet.

   How would I make all clinets have my fbsd lan ips 192.168.1.x/24
   and freebsd will have the ability to see the two gateways (internet router) and (datalink router)

In short words, all clinets should be connected to FreeBSD server lan interface but in the same time, freebsd will route and manage to the requests for wan.

   Second problem:
   If i have rl0 to host my internet router real IP
   and defautlrouter to the NAT ip, internet will not work.
   ifconfig_rl0="inet 62.215.x.6  netmask"
   defaultrouter="62.215.x.5" #internet router IP
   No Internet.
   but if i host my rl0 to
   and defaultrouter to (internet router gateway)
   internet will work...
   ifconfig_rl0="inet  netmask"

   The first case, disabling nat from router and having it to freebsd only
second case, having the router to NAT and again freebsd doing another nat.

   Sorry Gurus for the long emails, excuse me, and waiting your reply asap.

   -Marwan Sultan.

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